Why I’m Blogging

I want to share my leadership experiences with the rest of the world. 

A little about me

I’ve lived in Detroit for four and a half years, but I originally grew up in New Jersey – you’ll get that when you keep reading these posts.

Two years ago, I started a job at Title Source (part of the Quicken Loans Family of Companies) as a Software Quality Assurance Analyst. I manually tested features of our software system. This was an amazing opportunity for me because Title Source Technology pushed all their team members to learn new innovative technologies like automated GUI testing and other software engineering skills.

In July 2015 I applied for a leadership opportunity to lead the QA community and was accepted with another teammate from Title Source. Though I didn’t lead the QA community for very long, it was my first leadership experience at Title Source and the Family of Companies.

Fast forward to today. Currently, I lead two cross-functional development teams: team Energizers, which creates the PDF documents for Title Source using Adobe LiveCycle and team Scandium, which maintains and upgrades our OCR technology platforms and our internal auditing platform.

What lays ahead?

First, I want to highlight my experiences here so other aspiring leaders (or non-leaders) can learn from my journey. In addition, I plan on writing about leadership and technology books, articles and podcasts that I read and listen to on a regular basis. Finally, I love adventures/shiny objects, so I may throw in some random post from time to time to make things fun and interesting.

I hope to have fun with this blog and provide value to anyone that reads it. If you have any feedback, please reach out to me on twitter @isaacgilman.


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