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Daily Sprints – Day 2

Each morning for the next seven days, I will post about the previous day and hope to provide some interesting insights on how the team is trying to improve their estimation! See Day 0 and Day 1 here!

What have you tried that works or doesn’t work?!

Day 2

Welcome to Day 2!

Does your day go exactly as you planned? Based on Day 0 and Day 1, we weren’t expecting things to go exactly to plan and we were right!

Unexpected issues to before 10am:

  • Our Sr. Software Engineer called out sick
  • The new solution that was broken and fixed on Day 1 gave us a few more issues
    • Our database team started wondering why the new solution was making hundreds of Stored Procedure calls per minute – we weren’t sure why, so we started to investigate
    • The new messaging platform we are using for this solution had a good amount of messages looking to be re-queued and we weren’t sure why

At 10am the team gathered for “standup,” which in Day 1 we decided we would re-purpose for a daily goal setting meeting to identify what we were going to accomplish. I forgot that and started in with my updates, which totally blew up the flow of what we wanted to do. Luckily the BA on our team called me out for it, so I won’t forget next time.

The team decided to try and achieve this goal for the day

  • Finish the story we started yesterday
    • Write remaining unit tests
    • Complete the business logic
    • Write contract logic for messaging

How did the team do? We didn’t complete everything, but we made a lot of progress.

  • Wrote most of the unit tests – there are still about 8 more to go
    • When the team started testing in the morning, they continued to run into a fakes issues from Day 1
    • They received assistance from a Sr. Engineer on another team that identified a DLL was missing and needed to be referenced in order for the fakes to work
  • After writing most of the tests, most of the business logic was completed
  • The BA diagrammed out the process flow for our tech solution to this project in preparation for an architecture meeting

What’s remaining with this story?

  • 8 more unit tests
  • Finish writing the contract logic for the messages

What did we take away from our end of day retro?

  • The engineers used the “give control feature” on Zoom to give allow others on the team drive, so we didn’t have to waste as much time switching computers
  • When the team broke for lunch, they talked about where they would pick back up and discussed their afternoon schedules so everyone could coordinate their pair-programming
    • Great example of self-organizing!
  • Shelve Sets caused some issues because one team member went into a meeting and another forgot to grab their shelve set
    • Decided at the end of each day we will shelve all of our work, so we can avoid issues when people are not working together
  • Change the name of our “stand up” meeting to a Daily Goal Setting/Tasking meeting and list out the items we should do before we start for the day (get latest, grab shelve sets, load solution )

See you tomorrow for Day 3!

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