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Daily Sprints – Day 6

Each morning for the next three days, I will post about the previous day and hope to provide some interesting insights on how the team is trying to improve their estimation! See Day 0, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5 here!

What have you tried that works or doesn’t work?!

Day 6

Day 6 started well with no major issues! Our Sr. Engineer got his computer ready for development. Everyone had ample time in their calendar to work on development tasks! Pretty great that everything was working. What I personally found interesting over the last couple of days was how often things unrelated to our solutions come up that can take down development time.

Our goals after starting the day

  • Finish writing integration tests for the messaging story
    • Found a merge conflict because a file was moved outside the unit test solution
  • UI story
    • Testing last night, hard drive space prevented her from running the services
      • Cleared about 10 gigs
      • Code review out today
  • Configuration switch for one of our services
    • This was challenged by one of the engineers on the value of this over some other work in our backlog – we did end up working on it when we looked at our remaining work.
      • Great challenge here!
  • Investigating an issue with a UI integration that is broken

What did we accomplish?

  • Integration test were checked in, but there were questions about the software solution being pushed to our test environment
    • This is happens sometimes because of the schedule of when we push work to our non-prod environments. Our teams don’t have the ability to push work whenever they want due to a number of things. It does cause issues at times and prevents us from getting a faster feedback look (this is being worked on by another team)
  • We solved the merge conflict
  • We met with an Architect to get a Git project set up and build out an analysis tool for one of new projects that we started earlier this week (the messaging story)
  • UI Story
    • This story is making progress, but we weren’t able to check in any work. This solution utilizes XSLT which is not something we are very familiar with, so there are a lot of unknowns
  • Config Switch
    • We did end up working on it but we are road blocked with a DBA tasks to see if it is working
    • This also goes back to earlier in the week about calling out roadblocks earlier so we can be better at planning other work while waiting on roadblocks
  • UI Integration investigation
    • We were able to reproduce the issue but we can’t identify the cause due to the layers of UI elements that isn’t allowing for the error to be logged correctly
    • Our engineers plan on trying to add logging or find the error logs in the coming days


  • Working in different time zones
    • This is a unique problem to an all remote team. The team has team members on East Coast, Central and West Coast time zones
    • Our BA and Engineer in central time, set a meeting for 2:30. The BA thought 2:30 EST and the engineer thought 2:30 CST
    • We decided on defaulting all times to Eastern time and leave the responsibility of “translating” that time for the team members in their respective time zones
  • Offline files continue to cause issues
    • One of our engineers couldn’t run their solution because their hard drive was full
    • The engineer identified that about 50 gigs worth of files sync every evening, and they need to delete those in order to save space
    • This is another unique challenge that our engineers face at times. The awareness around this issue was great because they helped explain what to look for and the manual work-around of deleting the files until
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