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Hustle Estate – Holiday Slow Down, Speeds Up – Ep 17

Happy holidays to all our followers, real estate entrepreneurs and business creators out there! Sometimes the holidays don’t slow down, what happens when you need a break? Find out in our recent episode!

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Hustle Estate – Flipping Homes 101 – Ep 5

Flipping Homes 101 – Ed and Isaac walk through the overall process it takes to flip a home. Ed talks about where he buys homes from, what to think about when looking to flip a home and how to get a hard money loan.

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Hustle Estate – Buying Your First Home – Ep 4

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Looking to buy your first home? We have some practical tips to help you find the home of your dreams. Both of us share our experiences buying our first homes (multifamily and condo). When we started looking, we had some ideas of what we wanted, but after we made our purchases we learned a lot more. Learn from us so you don’t repeat some of our mistakes.

Happy hustling!

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Hustle Estate – Career Pivoting to Real Estate – Ep3


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Learn how Ed made his way into real estate. Ed’s career didn’t begin in real estate. He was curious about owning property at a young age, but started working in non real estate financial institutions after college. Once he bought his first property, he quickly realized he’d rather spend time understanding the real estate industry than other financial businesses.

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Hustle Estate – Our Why – Ep 1

Over the last year, my friend Ed and I have been talking about real estate, entrepreneurship and the process to succeed.

This week, we decided to start a YouTube channel and Podcast to document our journey.


Here is our premier episode! Enjoy!