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Hustle Estate – Buying Your First Home – Ep 4

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Looking to buy your first home? We have some practical tips to help you find the home of your dreams. Both of us share our experiences buying our first homes (multifamily and condo). When we started looking, we had some ideas of what we wanted, but after we made our purchases we learned a lot more. Learn from us so you don’t repeat some of our mistakes.

Happy hustling!

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Daily Sprints – Day 8

One more post for Day 9! I will post about the previous day and hope to provide some interesting insights on how the team is trying to improve their estimation! See Day 0, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, and Day 7!

What have you tried that works or doesn’t work?!

Day 8

Better late than never – I prioritized other work that directly impacts this team over getting this post out this AM. 😦

Goals for the day

  • Show N Tell of all the features we are pushing to prod to the business this build
  • Begin to think about technical design behind our next big project
  • Finish UI Integration issue
  • Identify if we can add a small UI enhancement to one of our solutions

So what did we accomplish?

  • Everything we set out to do the for the entire 2 week build, including in Day 8!

Day 8 was special! This was our code freeze day and a few amazing things happen – to be honest, a lot of amazing things happened over the last seven days.

What was so amazing?

  • UI Integration
    • This was a broken file due to an encryption and environment issue. The process we went to solve this problem was amazing to watch!
    • Our Sr. Engineer sent an email the night of Day 7 to one of our other Sr. Engineers to help us think through the issue. The next morning we had no response. During our goal setting meeting, I challenged the Sr. engineer to call someone to get an answer. This didn’t happen…
      • A BETTER IDEA HAPPENED! Our BA suggested we bring in people to our Zoom call and then our entire team can hear about the problem and ways we are trying to solve it so we can learn together. This was a great idea!
      • The other Sr. Engineer on the infrastructure team called into our Zoom and helped us brainstorm, but no luck.
      • We brought another Sr. Engineer in who had knowledge of this solution – no luck.
      • Finally, we brought an Architect in and they helped us identify the issue solely because they understand the differences in environments! Once the Architect helped us make that connection we solved the issue. Amazing!
  • Business Show N Tell
    • This Show N Tell was different. I think because the team was so happy at all their accomplishments over the last two weeks (as they should be).
    • What was really interesting was the reaction to the business users when we said we solved some tough technical challenges while trying a much different way of operating.
    • I didn’t anticipate this. After our BA brought up the different way the team was doing things this build, I mentioned I was blogging about the journey and sent the blog link to the leaders that were in the meeting
      • This is interesting because I often think the business users and leaders see technology as a black box. Here is a problem (input) and technology provides a solution (output). How tech teams go about doing their work is not something our business users and leaders see very often or at all. My blog posts provided a nice insight into our process, without even thinking this could be a tool for them. I hope anything they’ve read has helped them understand how we operate a little bit better.


What went well

  • UI Integration Solution and bring people into our Zoom call
    • Helped us focus on solving the issue
    • Resolved it quickly
  • Show N Tell
    • Went well and business leaders were happy without solution
  • Overall the last two weeks have gone really well
  • Team picked up some small stories at the end of the build with UI tweaks – great we could bring in some more work!

What can we improve?

  • Time box ourselves more often to reach out to help sooner
  • Bring in people to Zoom more often rather than calling – this may be a big game change for us as a remote team with 99% of team members in Detroit.

Have a great weekend!

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